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Learn how to create powerful campaigns that convert.

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4 – 6 May 2021


9am – 4pm (GMT+8)


(In-person learning)



*Limited to 50 Seats Only*

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With more than three billion people around the world engaging on social media daily, coupled with the on-going pandemic and improving infrastructure for connectivity, the number of users engaging on major social media platforms are expected to rise immensely.

This opens up a huge potential for businesses who are looking to win the digital engagement, increase their brand awareness as well as convert them into the sales funnel.

Social Media overview

Here are some numbers to highlight the potential:


3.5 billion social media users worldwide.


Users spend an average of 3 hours per day on social networks and messaging.


54% of social browsers use social media to research products.


49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media.


500 million daily active Instagram stories are uploaded worldwide.

If you want to tap into this wealth of audience for your business growth, join us at our specially designed three day Social Media Bootcamp that will enable you to acquire every skill you need to step up your social selling game!

Featuring industry experts and trainers acquired by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, our upcoming three-day Social Media bootcamp will see you equipped with the necessary skills and insights to strategise stupendous social media marketing campaigns!

With a wealth of in-depth learning and hands on activities available, you don’t want to miss out!

Join us now to equip yourselves with the skills needed to beat the competition!

Here are the 6 pillars that you should master to ace your social media marketing!

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1. Designing and re-strategising social media marketing

Relook at your current social media strategies and explore the most apt social media platforms that would maximise your business goals. Learn how to create buyer and marketing persona.
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2. Boost the engagement

Learn how to create creative content for different social media platforms and how to leverage on influencer marketing to yield a continuous engagement.
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3. Advertising

Discover the best of budget friendly advertising tools available on social media and how to enhance the user experience of your ads.
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4. Analytics

Outsmart the ever-changing social media algorithm and learn to deduce multiple data insights from various social media platforms.
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5. Social media crisis communications & managing reputation

Understand the types of social media crisis that any brand would face and learn how to develop policies and guidelines to manage crisis and reputation.
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6. Integrated marketing

Explore how integrated marketing maximises your target audience addressing the key challenges and learn how to align integrated marketing across different platform.

Walk away from our intensive bootcamp mastering the following:


Learn to set the right business goals when it comes to social media marketing.


Identify the right social media platform based on business goals.


Create marketing and buyer persona for content creation.


Deepen your knowledge on creative content creation for social media with storytelling, viral content creation and persuasive copywriting.


Discover ways to leverage on user-generated content.


Enhance and improve your social media platform with UX skills.


Explore ways to maximise the conversion through social media advertising.


Learn how to understand your data insights better from various social media platforms.


Outsmart social media algorithm and stay up-to-date with winning trends.


Discover tactful ways to handle negative comments and manage crises with well-developed guidelines to manage reputation.


Create a uniform yet a personalised integrated marketing without inhibiting your creative initiatives.

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Our panel of expert trainers

Our full panel of expert trainers will be available soon.

Leona Lo

Leona Lo

Principal Consultant

Talk Sense Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Yasmeen Hameed-Chan

Yasmeen Hameed-Chan


The Buzz Network, Singapore

Kristen Chen

Kristen Chen

Freelance Consultant

SYNC PR, Singapore

Michelle Dyer

Michelle Dyer

Marketing expert


What makes this Bootcamp unique?

Gain application know-how via step-by-step exercises to develop your own social media campaign. Mock brands will be given to those without existing brands to work on.

The sessions are conducted by top-notch industry experts that have many decades of experience and are pioneers in the social media field

We believe in the importance of hands-on interactive learning and each session will work to keep you engaged

Panel session with industry experts that will be sharing best practices, case studies and upcoming trends of social media marketing

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Who should attend?

  • Marketing, communication and digital professionals looking to boost their digital campaign strategies
  • Business executives seeking growth strategies to expand their market share in their industry
  • Self-employed individuals who are keen to upskill and improve their marketing capabilities

Why attend?

  • Make yourself more employable so you can land job at reputable organisation
  • Consider a career change with relevant industry knowledge skill
  • Constantly upskill & re-skill yourself in this fast-paced marketing industry
  • Prove to your employer, colleagues, and customers that you’re at the top of your social media marketing game


Showcase your brand’s expertise at APAC’s first workshop-centric conference!

We’re proud to present the first in-depth event aimed to address the skill gaps and challenges professionals on the ground might face as they pivot into this new normal. Be a part of the answer for these organisations and gain the opportunity to connect with our widespread audience.

Get in touch with us today at find out more!

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