New First Day

Day 1: The ‘News’ Social Scene




Panel roast of trends dominating the social space in 2021

  • Teaser previews of updates from social platforms to build buzz for what follows
  • Pick up useful tactics to enhance social memes and hashtags
  • Discover insights on the most current and viral-worthy social trends  

Exercise 1: Live audience participation by dropping questions and comments on a live feed. 

MARKETING-RezModerator: Rezwana Manjur
Regional Editor

Rishi BudhraniPanellist: Rishi Budhrani
Professional Speaker, Host, Comedian and Actor

VJ AnandPanellist: VJ Anand
Head of Creative
Vaynermedia APAC


Screen break


The power to captivate and convert: Why brand storytelling is everything

  • Why tell stories?
  • What is brand storytelling?
  • The rules of brand storytelling
  • Identity: Know who you are before you tell the world
  • Strategy and Discovery: Where do you find your stories
  • Story-making: How to make your stories come alive
  • Channels and Engagement: Where is your soapbox?

Exercise 2: ‘Walk the brief’:Speaker will take participants through the thought process of a social media agency taking a briefing and ideating thought starters .

Benjamin LeeTrainer: Benjamin Lee
Creative Director


Lunch break


Using game-fication to amp up your social content outreach

  • Raise your social content marketing by a notch via fresh game-fication strategies
  • Make community management through a daily task gaming schedule
  • Enhance image and video posts with social gaming design strategies
  • Leverage social profile as character building for unique social storytelling

Exercise 3: “Gami-fy yourself”: The instructor will lead participants in a round of game-fication of the brands they manage using a mixture of world building, social narratives and game-fication guerrilla tactics to hype up their current social content strategies.

Kestrel-LeeTrainer: Kestrel Lee
Digital Lead, Media and Technology


Screen break


TikTok this. Viral that: How live streaming and short video comes together

  • Key tactics to launch a brand presence on TikTok
  • Identifying and using TikTok influencers
  • Exposure to relevant case studies and best practises
  • TikTok commerce with Shopify & the social commerce hashtag challenge

Exercise 4: Walk the “Tok”: A speed consultancy session where participants can learn to co-create a hashtag challenge or live stream brand engagement.

Kestrel-LeeTrainer: Kestrel Lee
Digital Lead, Media and Technology


End of day 1