5 May (Wednesday)

Day 2: Strategy & Engagement


Lunch break


Restrategising your Social Media Advertising and the third-party cookie ban

  • Addressing the challenges of social media ad campaigns in 2021 in a cookie-less browser.
  •  Long form vs Short form content that is suitable for your social media advertising.
  • How to achieve success with 1st party data: empowering your business with what you already have & own.
  • How to improve and read your website traffic with our TOP 3 tools.
  • Going beyond social media: What is Digital Out of Home?

Exercise 5: Creating Ads that convert: Short copywriting lesson for advertisement and ad design for Facebook and Instagram

Exercise 6: Facebook Business Manager setup guide for participants

Nimble Marketing_BellaTrainer: Bella Khaja
Nimble Marketing Consultancy, Singapore


Lunch break


Creative Content Creation

  • A compact overview on:
    – Storytelling
    – Viral factor
    – Neuromarketing
    – Copywriting
    – Creative video creation
    – Maximising user-generated content

Exercise 6: Get creative and create your very own social post implementing the learning outcomes.

SYNC PR_Kristen ChenTrainer: Kristen Chen
Freelance Consultant
SYNC PR, Singapore


Lunch break


Influencer Marketing

  • How influencers differ in each social media platform
  • Engaging with the right influencer and creating winning campaigns.

Exercise 7: It’s time to choose the right influencer for your product and craft the right content for the influencer marketing campaign.

Trainer: Althea Lim
Group CEO, Co Founder, Gushcloud International, Singapore


End of day two