6 May (Thursday)

Day 3: Crisis Management, Corporate Responsibility & Integrated Marketing


Social Media Crisis Communications & managing reputation

  • Understanding the types of social media crisis
  • Responding to negative comments & review on your social media platforms.
  • Managing social media crisis and reputation.
  • Developing policies & guidelines for social media crisis & reputation management

Exercise 8: Craft a response to sample negative comments given by trainer and create your social media policy & guidelines for your product.

David LianTrainer: David Lian
Managing Director, Asia, Growth & Innovation
Zeno Group


Social Media Advertising

  • Types of social media advertising & tools
  • Addressing the challenges of social media ad campaigns
  • UX for Social media ads
  • Budget friendly ad hacks
  • Understanding the power of UX, UI & CX for your platforms.

Exercise 9: Create a compelling Ad for your product!

MichelleKDyerTrainer: Michelle Dyer
Marketing expert


Lunch time


Integrated marketing

  • Understanding integrated marketing
  • How integrated marketing to maximise audience reach
  • Challenges faced by marketers with integrated marketing
  • Aligning integrated marketing between different platforms

Exercise 10: Develop your marketing communication plan for your product

Trainer: Yasmeen Hameed-Chan
The Buzz Network, Singapore


End of day three